Business Setup

Business setup in Enpower FTZ is very quick and stress free. Investors are opened to unlimited resources during business setup to facilitate quick returns. We encourage our prospective investors to go through the following clues before proceeding with the business setup.

How To Invest

Interested investors in the Enugu Free Trade zone (Enpower-FTZ) can apply for a license to operate within the zone as:

  1. A Free Trade Zone Enterprise (FTZE)
  2. A Free Trade Zone Company (Export Processing Factory or Export Processing Farm (FTZC))
Enugu Free Trade Zone Licenses

All licenses granted by Enpower - FTZ to free trade zone enterprises or companies shall be operated in accordance with the investment procedures, regulations and operational guidelines for the Enpower Free Trade Zone established pursuant to the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Act No. 63 of1992, under the supervision, monitoring and regulations of the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA).

Free Trade Zone Enterprise License (FTZE)

License granted by the Authority/Free Trade Zone Management for an enterprise to undertake an approved activity within a Free Zone. These activities could be: Manufacturing, Trading or Service Provision

Free Trade Zone Company (Export Processing Factory/Export Processing Farm License (FTZC))

License granted by the Authority/Free Trade Zone management to an export-oriented manufacturing company or farm located within the free-zone customs territory, which has the capacity to export over 75% of its production

Approved Business Activities for the Enugu Free Zone & Industrial Park

The following business activities are approved and permissible by the authorities for operations within the Free zone: Oil and gas logistics; Electrical and Electronic Products; Textile Products; Garments; Wood Products and Handicrafts; Leather Products; Petroleum Products; Rubber and Plastic Products; Cosmetics and other Chemical Products; Metal Products and Machinery; Educational materials and Sports Equipment; Printing Materials, communication and Office Equipment; Medical Kits, Optical Instruments and Appliances ; Biscuits, confectioneries and other Food Processing Pharmaceutical Products; Ship building and repairs. Proposals for business activities outside the approved list will be evaluated on their individual merit

Apply for a Free Zone License

Free Zone License application can be done in either steps.

  1. Electronic
  2. Manual

To get started, Click the Application page button below. Application Page


To start the manual application, send an email to requesting for a License. Soon your email is received, we will contact you and forward the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM (EOI) You can also download the form directly from Please complete the Expression of Interest form, providing details about your company, intended business activity, required facilities and the proposed timeline of the investment. Email the form to Upon receipt of your complete documentation, an Enugu Free Trade Zone Business Development Executive will contact you and forward a documentation package tailored to your expression of interest information. He or she will also discuss any specific requirements and assist in expediting the processing and approval of the license. Please bear in mind that Enpower-FTZ is a one-stop investment hub designed to support investors in the zone by delivering efficient and professional services. Our team is focused on walking you through the process of setting up in the zone and will provide further assistance and advice where documentation is incomplete or investment needs require additional customization. The following accompanying documentation will be required for the approval of FTZE or FTZC operating licenses [**] - Completed FTZE or FTZC Application form where applicable - Completed Know-Your-Customer (KYC) due diligence documents - Notarized international passports pages and passport photographs of the promoters and directors - Notarized company documents if the investor is a corporate entity - Bank reference forms and letters completed - Executive summary of Business plan with project investment schedule (where applicable) - Business reference forms completed - Confirmed project financing (Where applicable) - Notarized copies of relevant statutory licenses and permits Additional information or documentation may be required depending on the nature of the Free Zone investment being considered.

Benefits of Investing in the Enugu - FTZ

Access to the Nigerian consumer market which is by far the largest con- super market in Africa with approximately 170 million people. Enugu provides direct access to the vibrant industrial heartland of South eastern Nigeria. Nigeria has an excellent location from which to export to the rest of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. There is an abundant supply of human and material resources in South east Nigeria. Nigeria enjoys several preferential trade arrangements such as ECOWAS, AGOA, WTO, GSTP, OPEC, D-8 etc.

Anchor Investors

Nigeria Breweries Plc. (NBL), is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. NBL’s Ama Brewery, located next to Enpower FTZ, is the largest brewery in West Africa. - Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, is the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Nigeria. Their plastic products factory and the motorcycle assembly plant are both located in Emene, Enugu, close to the Enpower FTZ. - Cashew Industry Limited - CIL is involved in the large-scale farming and in-country processing of cashew nuts primarily for export. - Di Reali Motor Ltd/ DR Motor Company SPA is one of Italy’s leading automobile design companies. The company intends to manufacture and assemble its full automobile model range in Nigeria. - Iveco, s.a. is a global manufacturer of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, city and intercity buses and coaches, fire fighting vehicles, defense vehicles and off-road vehicles for construction and mining work. - Vitkovice Power Engineering a.s. : Vitkovice is one of the oldest metallurgical and engineering companies in Central Europe (founded in 1828). The company engages in the design, manufacture and installation of power plants, tanks, enameled containers, biogas stations and spare parts for the metallurgical industry. - Xenergi Limited: A Nigerian company actively involved in renewable energies production and distribution.





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