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The Enugu Free Trade zone offers the following range of products and support services to facilitate and reduce the cost of doing business for our free-zone investors


FLEXIOFFICEs are ready-to-use, fully furnished and equipped offices, with no set-up costs, designed for your short term or long term requirements. FLEXIOFFICEs have access to business centres equipped with round-the-clock workstation access with net- work connectivity, meeting and conference rooms equipped with audio-visual equipment, broadband internet and telephone lines; business lounges; professional sup- port staff, administrative and secretarial services, common vehicle parking facilities, 24- hour security with CCTV. Customers can upgrade to the fully-fledged FuDSOFFICE subject to availability.

OFFICE2GO Business/Trading Park Facilities

OFFICE2GO is a free-zone registered office address and mail-stop service available for lease which includes access to modern business centre facilities. Each business centre is equipped with round-the-clock workstation access and network connectivity, meeting and conference rooms equipped with audio-visual equipment, broadband internet and telephone lines, business lounges; professional support staff, administrative and secretarial services. Customers using OFFICE2GO business park facilities can easily upgrade to fully-fledged offices (FuDSOFFICE or FLEXIOFFICE) to enjoy the full benefits of the Enugu free trade zone community.


FuDSOFFICEs are dedicated office spaces for lease spread over a range of high and low rise facilities. Office clusters within the free zone are designed to be conveniently located to ensure easy access for both staff and visitors. Each office area leased is unfurnished, ensuring that each customer defines their own individual style and branding. Customers can lease any square area of office space from a floor to an entire building. Enpower FTZ tailors each office to suit the needs of each customer and works to tailor interior layout and design to requested specifications. All office buildings benefit from value-added features including 24-hour security with CCTV, broadband internet and telephone lines and vehicle parking facilities.


FLEXWarehouses are flexible shared ware- house storage spaces for short or long-term lease. The pre-built warehouses are avail- able on a rental basis with no office spaces included. Facilities include power, common vehicle parking and 24 hour security.


These are pre-built warehouses designed to meet customers' needs for high quality storage and light manufacturing. The pre-built warehouses are purpose built units available on a rental basis with office space included. Units vary in size from 350 m2 to 1,200 m2. Facilities include; Dedicated vehicle parking, fire alarms and fire fighting system, Floor load capacity of 5tonnes/sq.m; Ware- house eaves height varies from 6m to 12m; Washroom facilities in both offices and ware- house.


This service category includes showrooms with dedicated warehouse and office space over two floors with prime showroom front- age. Each unit contains warehouse space at the rear with a glass facade showroom front- age and mezzanine floors for office space; These units shall have several access points: Ramps for forklifts, Loading docks for containers and trucks. Other features include Electricity and water infrastructure ready, showroom options of approximately 17 300 sqm, office space varies between 160-300 sqm, and warehouse space of 350 sqm


STACKAREAs are dedicated, fenced out- door storage spaces which are leased on a short term or long term basis to store equipment, materials, spare parts and export or import goods-in-transit.


LANDINVEST is ideal for companies or enterprises who intend to construct their own dedicated facility by leasing virgin land. Each plot varies from 5,000 m2 to larger sizes according to the specific requirements of individual customers. Access roads, captive power and water reticulation are provided by Enpower FTZ.


KEYINVEST is an innovative build-to-suit Enpower FTZ product that addresses customers' industry-specific investment needs and requirements. It is structured by one of Enpower’s partners to assist potential investors identify, develop and finance their projects and to construct project facilities located within the free zone to international standards, at the lowest cost possible. The Turnkey solution options include: Long-term basis: Enpower FTZ builds and delivers the facility as per customer specifications on a predetermined long lease arrangement. Ownership basis: Enpower FTZ builds and delivers the facility as per customer requirements, budget and timeline. One of our technical partners provides full consultancy services, for a pre-operational fee, to potential Investors in the Enugu Free trade zone/Industrial park interested in taking advantage of the KEYINVEST Project development program. The consortium is ready, willing and able to provide up to 85% of the Total Investment Capital (TIC) to potential FTZE/FTZC investors in the Enpower-FTZ.

AIRFREIGHT & SEAFREIGHT handling services

Export and Import Processing In-land transfers of Sea Freight and Air Freight from any sea port or cargo airport in Nigeria. Logistics support services Customs and Immigration processing. Freight forwarding processing.





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