Investment Incentives

Locating your business in any Free Trade Zone in Nigeria automatically confers upon the investor certain advantages, benefits and incentives which have been strategically designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to create a business-friendly environment for the investor and encourage foreign and local direct investment particularly for exportable products. These incentives, established by Act No. 63 of 1992 and expanded in subsequent legislation, are summarized below: Complete holiday from all federal, state and local government taxes, rates, and levies. Duty-free importation of capital goods, machinery/components, spare parts, raw materials and consumable items in the zones. 100% foreign ownership of investments. 100% repatriation of capital, profits and dividends. Waiver of all import and export licenses. Waiver on all expatriate quotas. One-stop approvals for permits, operating license and incorporation papers. Permission to sell 100% of goods into the domestic market (However, when selling into the domestic market, applicable customs duty on imported raw material shall apply). For prohibited items in the custom territory, free zone goods are allowed for sale provided such goods meet the requirement of up to 35% domestic value addition. Minimize delays in the movement of goods and services. No Pre-shipment inspection prior to shipment. No Form ´M´ required prior to shipment. Free Zone Goods may be stored indefinitely, Sold, Exhibited, Broken up. Parked, Graded, Marked, and Mixed, Separated or otherwise manipulated, Worked, Processed or Reprocessed, or Consumed in the Free Zone. Free Zone goods transferred under Customs escort from any Port of entry in Nigeria to Enpower Free Trade Zone. Fast-Track Airfreight cargo movement under Customs escort from any Airport in Nigeria to Enpower Free Trade Zone. No VAT, withholding or advance corporate Tax. 75% Import Duty Rebate on value-added products manufactured or assembled in the Free Zone. Rent-free land during the first 6 months of construction.





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