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The Enugu Industrial Park and Free-Trade Zone (Enpower- FTZ),located in Enugu, Nigeria, is West Africa’s latest in-land Industrial and Business hub.

Enpower is designed to be a FreeZone of the Future, providing investors direct access to Africa’s largest market via a SMART, SUSTAINABLE & SAFE free zone environment with world-class infrastructure, value-added services and incentives within two integrated free-trade zone areas ….

Agribusiness & Chemicals Zone

Light industrial units (LIUs) and warehouses that support the manufacture and processing of agricultural produce,chemical products, cosmetics and related businesses for export and domestic markets.

Aviation & Aero Space Cluster

Designed to provide facilities for the manufacture of Avionics and aircraft spare-parts, airline maintenance, support services and training & simulation facilities.

Business Park

This is the central business district designed for shops, offices, import and export facilitation, Hotels, shopping malls and showrooms. Facilities will also include rail links connecting both free-zone areas and the future East-west railway system

Healthcare city

The Healthcare park will provide facilities that support the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical-related equipment as well as hospitals that promote medical tourism and medical training facilities.

Manufacturing & Power Cluster

Focus is on light manufacturing activities including the manufacture of power related equipment as well as the location of renewable power generation facilities and utilities for all free zone areas

Technology & digital media park

This is the central business district designed for shops, offices, import and export facilitation, Hotels, shopping malls and showrooms. Facilities will also include rail links connecting both free-zone areas and the future East-west railway system

Historical & Cultural regional capital

Top 100 RC IN 2014

In 2014, Enugu became the only Nigerian city among 35 global cities inducted into the 100 Resilient Cities Network (100RC) by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Enugu Weather Info

Enugu has good climatic conditions all year round, located at 223 metres (732 ft) above sea level. The average temperature in Enugu is cool to mild (60 degrees Fahrenheit) in its cooler months and gets warm to hot in its warmer months (upper 80 degrees Fahrenheit)

Advantages of Enugu

  • Direct international air link from which to export to the rest of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.
  • The Ninth-mile area has one of the strongest underground aquifers in West Africa
  • Well established academic institutions, facilities and development of competent technicians and engineers to support free zone businesses.


To start the application process for a license to operate in the Enugu Free Trade zone, please send an email request to . We will contact you immediately and forward the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM (EOI).
After you filled out the Expression of Interest form (providing details about your company, intended business activity, required facilities and the proposed timeline of the investment), email the form to
However, to get started with the online application;


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Upon receipt of your complete documentation, an Enpower Business Development Executive will con- tact you and forward a documentation package tailored to your expression of interest information. He or she will also discuss any specific requirements and assist in expediting the processing and approval of the license.


Enpower-FTZ is a one-stop investment hub designed to support investors in the zone by delivering efficient and professional services.
Our team is focused on walking you through the process of setting up in the zone as quickly as possible and will provide further assistance and advice where documentation is incomplete or investment needs require additional customization


Enpower FTZ offers categories of incentives to her prospective investors.

  • No Pre-shipment inspection prior to shipment.
  • No Form ‘M’ required prior to shipment.
  • Free Zone Goods may be stored indefinitely, Sold, Exhibited, Broken up. Parked, Graded, Marked, and Mixed, Separated or otherwise manipulated, Worked, Processed or Reprocessed, or Consumed in the Free Zone.


The Enugu Free Trade zone offers the following range of products and support services to facilitate and reduce the cost of doing business for our free-zone investors;
OFFICE2GO: Temporary office address and business centre facilities
FLEXIOFFICE: Temporary and permanent office leases.
FuDSOFFICE: Fully dedicated office space rentals.

iportal: investors portal

You  are welcome to access the iPortal where relevant information about Investors and business updates are published regularly.

To get started with the iPortal page, follow the link below.

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Contact us

You are welcome to contact us for additional information, to enquire about how to become a free zone subscriber or to discuss your specific needs as a potential investor in the Enugu Free Trade zone. You can reach us by phone, email, via our website or by visiting any of our zonal liaison offices worldwide.
Email: || Phone: +234-(0)-700-368-48389





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