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6 Industrial Clusters for Business INV.

Discover the 6 Industrial Clusters that governs business investments in Enpower FTZ . Very quick and stress free with unlimited resources to facilitate quick returns.

Enpower FTZ: The Investors' Home

Investors get the benefits of huge business opportunities from potential market of 1.033 billion people on the African continent on the earth with 54 recognized sovereign states and counttries, 9 territories and 2 de facto independent states

Temporary and Permanent Office Lease

To facilitate and reduce the cost of doing business in our free-zone, We encourage our investors to take up offers from the temporary and permanent office lease. Range of high and low rise facilities are designed to be conveniently located to ensure easy access for both staff and visitors

About Us

We provide our client with bespoke and off-the-shelf fast track oil and gas technology solutions for both open and cased-holes

About Us

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Explore Enpower FTZ

The Nigeria #1 Free Zone of the future and home for sustainable business growth

At the very heart of eastern Nigeria, the coal city state Enugu, you will discover endless opportunities to set up, grow and build your business. A stone’s throw away the Free Zone is a direct international air link from which to export to the rest of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. The Ninth-mile area has one of the strongest underground aquifers in West Africa, well established academic institutions, facilities and development of competent technicians and engineers to support free zone businesses.

What we do

A centre of enterprise in a class of its own

Enpower FreeZone is designed to be a dynamic business hub, providing investors direct access to Africa’s largest market via SMART, SUSTAINABLE and SAFE freezone environment with world-class infrastructure, value-added services and incentives within two integrated free-trade zone areas


Interconnected High Speed Internet


Renewable Energy & Green Certification


Certified Security & Logistics Management

Solution Offers & Tools

Oildata Limited creates and propagates innovative value added oil and gas field production solutions for producers in Sub-Sahara Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our engineered solutions have enhanced the productivity of hundreds of our clients’ vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells, achieving significant production gains and cost savings. Below outlined tour, will walk you through the new look and feel solutions that will enhanced your business growth today.

Reservoir Evaluation

Using a wide variety of tools and services Oildata’s reservoir evaluation specialists obtain logs, core and transient data necessary for the evaluation of our clients’ oil and gas reservoirs. Our regular modifications has provided the basis for informed production from single wells or entire fields to optimize recovery.

Wellbore Completions

In preparing oil and gas wells for optimized production it is most important to ensure that running in casing, production tubings and associated down hole accessories as well as cementing is done properly to sustain production over decades. Find your ideal solution to establish this process and fast track completion where necessary.

Water/Sand Conformance

We deploy this solutions when an oil and gas well produces Base Sediments and Water (BSW) where there is an unfavorable Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR), and In depleted reservoir scenarios. Mechanical or Chemical controls involve the complete or partial isolation of an identified interval with excessive Base Sediments and Water (BSW) or gas production (where gas is not desired).

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our enhanced oil recovery solutions are useful when there is;
Reduction in expected production
Excess water production
Excess gas production
Suspicion of leaks and need for determination of mechanical soundness of a well. The conveyance is deployed through a MULE Tractor for logging operations in highly deviated and horizontal wells

Reservoir Profiling

Our reservoir profiling package provides clients with data for reservoir parameter assessments through In-depth analyzed well logs essential for proper field assets management.

Pipe Recovery

Pipe recovery solutions are essential for the retrieval of tubing, drill pipe or packers by cutting at targeted tailpipe often used in multiple strings and casing recovery operations.

BSW Diagnostics

Diagnose BSW issues long before they pose huge production problems using BSW Diagnostics tool by identifying fluid contacts in your reservoir via graphical images .

Production Profiling

Production profiling solutions are necessary to obtain data ( Borehole fluid nature and behavior ) useful for the proper management of a client’s field assets.

Formation Evaluation

Our Formation Evaluation solutions provide clients with data that enables them determine the ability of a borehole to produce oil and gas in commercial quantities.

Cement Bond Evaluation

The main purpose of cementing over a producing interval is to provide hydraulic isolation between neighboring zones. Hydraulic isolation prevents fluid movement into zones.

Complete Zonal Isolation

Water and sand production from oil and gas wells characterized by low productivity and low reservoir pressure can prematurely kill wells.

Production Enhancement

Production Enhancement gives our client increase in their production volume at levels which yield the highest profits.

Production Testing

Production Testing services are necessary to capture key production measurements such as flow rate, fluid properties, composition, pressure, and temperature.

Leaks and Detection

Mature wells largely face integrity issues which in many cases deteriorate to pose serious production challenges. Early detection is the key to averting production challenges.

Partial Zonal Isolation

Oildata’s uses Thermosetting Plastic Resin to partially isolate unwanted production from existing perforations. The Resin provides an effective barrier in gas wells.

Well Stimulation and Artificial Lift Systems

Well stimulation and artificial lift systems are required in wells with insufficient pressure in the reservoir to lift the produced fluids to the surface.

Our Corporate Governance and Practices?

Oildata puts a premium on ethical business practice. Directors, Management and Staff are governed by a code of conduct built on a Compliance model called ACT (Accountability, Commitment and Trust), based on National and International best practices.

Corporate Citizenship

Find out how we give back to the society through our not-for profit organization called the MIND foundation. While maintaining a focus on our core values, MIND  was setup to engage students through hands-on projects that combine creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication which are at the core of 21st century learning.

Case Histories


To isolate over pressured zones (>6000psi.) in new completion (9 5/8 casing size) with certain intervals producing 96% Water in a client’s well in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.


We acquired PLT logs to identify source of water and gas production. Based on our logs, we designed a Plug back Program, made up and set the Petal Basket.

Technical Papers

A Novel Technique For Oriented Through-Tubing Electric Line Perforating In Short-String Zones Of Dual Completion Wells (SPE 66066)

A Novel Technology for Through Tubing Perforation in Highly Deviated Wells where Electric Line is Limited

We are HERE for you

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Phone: +1-866-462-8837 Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm CST, Monday – Friday
Email: info@oildatainc.com, sales@oildatainc.com